Safety of attendees at Clubs - "Come and Try"

In the past there has been an incident where a person entered a club for the purpose of "Come and Try" and subsequently inflicted a fatal injury.  This was not a clay target club; however the incident may just as easily have been one of our member clubs.

At all times, club members are to remain vigilant when instructing new persons that attend a club for the purpose of "come and try" or are new to the sport.  In fact members should remain vigilant at all times when the club facilities are in use.

All members, instructors and executives are reminded that they are to ensure that the person under instruction or control must:

  • Be supervised at all times, and
  • Be made aware of all safety issues relating to clay target shooting, prior to commencing live firing.

If at any time a member becomes aware that the person may be a person at risk, this being that they act, behave or display any condition that may infer that they may harm themself or others, instruction or shooting is to cease immediately and the person advised the reason for this.

The SACTA Secretary and the South Australia Police Firearms Section are to be made immediately aware of the incident, including the gender, name, address and other details (if known) eg date of birth, vehicle number etc.

Safety of all persons at SACTA member facilities is paramount.  Please ensure that you and your members remain vigilant at all times.

SACTA Memo - All Clubs/Instructors/Executive - 12 Nov 2008


Safety of spectators at venues

All clubs are reminded that the only persons allowed on the tracks whilst shooting is taking place are competitors, referees, scorers and authorised persons.  Spectators and children are NOT permitted on the shooting tracks for their own safety.


Firearms at Clay target Facilities

All members are reminded that whilst at a clay target facility they must comply with the safe storage of firearms and ammunition.  All firearms and ammunition must be locked away from access to unauthorised persons (when not in use).  South Australia Police Firearms Section advise that they are undertaking unannounced venue audits of all facilities in South Australia.  It is requested that all members comply for the safety of all persons attending our sport.


Safety on shooting grounds

It has come to the attention of SACTA that some persons that are undertaking clay target practice and competition, are acting in an unsafe manner whilst on the tracks.  All members and those that are attending a facility, are reminded that at all times when moving from lane 5 to lane 1 in Trap, that the firearm must be unloaded whilst pointed down range, prior to turning and moving.  At no time- in any discipline - is a person to turn and point the muzzle at another competitor or behind the firing line.  All firearms are to be in a 'safe' - 'unloaded' state whilst a member is not on the firing line and competing.  All members, referees, scorers and shoot marshalls are to ensure compliance for the safety of all members at a club.  All persons are to remind themselves of the 10 rules of safety.


Compliance with Firearms Legislation

All members are reminded that if they have firearms or accessories that require registration with the South Australia Police Firearms Registry, that if they contact Firearms Section or their nearest Police Station, South Australia Police will assist facilitation of the removal of the firearm/s or registration by that member.


Safe storage of firearms and ammunition

All members are reminded that at their home address and other places that they are required to comply with the provisions of the South Australian Firearms Act in relation to the safe storage of firearms and ammunition.

The South Australian Firearms Section advise that they are conducting unannounced audits of licence holders to check on the storage.

If a member is unaware or unsure of their requirements in relation to the storage of firearms and / or ammunition, they should contact the South Australia Police Firearms Section direct on (08) 8204 2495



  • Treat every gun as if it is loaded.
  • Guns must be carried unloaded with breech open at all times except when on the shooting mark or station ready to shoot.
  • Ensure the gun barrel and action is always clear of obstruction.
  • No gun shall be put to the shoulder or pointed in any way except when the shooter is located:
    1. on the shooting mark or station;
    2. on the pattern plate (with Club management permission); or
    3. under the direction of a qualified coach.
  • Firing the gun in any position other than orthodox (to the shoulder) is PROHIBITED.
  • No more than two cartridges shall be loaded at any time in self-loading or magazine guns. All cartridges must be removed from such guns before leaving any shooting mark or station.
  • All cartridges shall contain shot size 6 (Skeet 7) or smaller, SUBJECT TO LOCAL CLUB SAFETY RULES and SAPOL FIREARMS RANGE CERTIFICATE CONDITIONS.
  • No shooter will close a gun until on the correct shooting mark or station and it is his/her turn to shoot.
  • Immediately on shooting from any mark or station the gun must be opened while still pointed in the direction of the target area.
  • On the appearance of a red flag or an official at the trap house, all guns must be immediately opened and unloaded.
  • In the event of apparent misfire or gun malfunction the shooter shall keep the gun closed and pointed in the direction of the target area and call the Referee. WAIT AT LEAST 30 SECONDS BEFORE OPENING.
  • In D.T.L., when moving from lane No. 5 to lane No. 1, guns shall be unloaded with breech open, and not reloaded until on lane No. 1.
  • In Skeet, at Station No. 8, and Station no. 7 singles, one cartridge only shall be loaded.
  • Eye and ear protection is strongly recommended for all disciplines.
  • Gun sleeves and slings are not permitted to be used in an ACTA discipline.
  • The wearing of thongs while shooting is NOT PERMITTED.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO SHOOT.
  • Deliberately shooting at any fauna is PROHIBITED.
  • Mobile Phones or like devices, must NOT BE AUDIBLE whilst shooting.
  • Breaches of any safety rule or committing an unsporting act will incur penalties as defined in the ACTA Shooting Rules.