Introduction to Clay Target Shooting

Since it's introduction into Australia in 1924 and the eventual inauguration of the present governing body know as the Australian Clay Target Association Inc (ACTA), the sport has grown to its present strength of approximately 300 clubs with some 14,000 registered members.

The rules and regulations governing the sport are drawn up by the ACTA, with which every shooter must be registered before entering into competitive shooting. With this registration comes the advantage of insurance while on registered grounds, a monthly magazine and a handicap card which enables you to be accepted on any registered grounds around Australia and even overseas.

Clay Target Shooting takes many forms, including:
1. Double Barrel - 2 shots allowed per target.
2. Single Barrel - 1 shot allowed per target.
3. Double Barrel Points - 2 shots per target. (Score 3 points first barrel or 2 points for a second barrel hit)
4. Double Rise - 2 shots. (One each at 2 targets thrown)
5. Deauville Doubles - 2 shooters (team) double barrel at 2 targets thrown.
6. ISSF Trap - 2 shots allowed per target.
7. ISSF Double Trap - 2 shots. (1 each at 2 targets) Skeet - 1 shot allowed per target.
8. ISSF Skeet - 1 shot allowed per target.

All competition rounds, with the exception of Double Rise and Deauville Doubles, are shot in brackets of 25 targets. The ACTA has, since the mid 1970's, had an Australia Wide Coaching scheme set up with a National Director of Coaching through State Coaching Directors to Zone Coaches down to Club Coaches. This coaching system is there for use by you - the ACTA registered shooter.