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                                  2015 S.A.C.T.A. Club Calender

State Carnivals   Birthday Shoots   Zone Carnivals




4th Sunday Pt Lincoln, Lake Albert Mallala Barmera,

10th Saturday Mt Gambier, Broken Hill,

11th Sunday Mt Gambier, Far West,  Pt Pirie, Southern, SAGC Lower North,

17th Saturday Kingston

18th Sunday International, Kingston, Monarto-A, Pt Augusta

24th Saturday Pt Lincoln

25th Sunday Pt Lincoln, Bordertown, Mt Gambier,  SAGC

26th Monday Mallala

31st Saturday Elsewhere, Mid North


1st Sunday Pt Pirie, Lake Albert Lower North Barmera

6th Friday State DTL Carnival

7th Saturday State DTL Carnival

8th Sunday State DTL Carnival, Far West

14th Saturday Broken Hill, Mt Gambier

15th Sunday , Monarto-A, Pt Lincoln, , Wilkawatt Mid North Mallala

21st Saturday Kingston Southern

22nd Sunday Whyalla, Bordertown, Mt Gambier, SYP SAGC

28th Saturday Broken Hill, Elsewhere


1st Sunday Pt Lincoln Pt Pirie, Lake Albert Mallala Barmera

6th Friday Far West

7th Saturday State Skeet Carnival, Far West Mid North

8th Sunday State Skeet Carnival, Far West, Wilkawatt SAGC Lower North

9th Monday State Skeet Carnival

13th Friday       Monarto-A

14th Saturday Elsewhere Mt Gambier Monarto-A

15th Sunday Pt Augusta, Ungarra Monarto-A

21st Saturday Kingston SYP

22nd Sunday Bordertown , , SAGC Mallala

29th Sunday State Sporting Clays ( Mt Gambier), Whyalla, Lake Albert Southern



4th Saturday Barmera,

5th Sunday Barmera

10th Friday International

11th Saturday Mallala, Mt Gambier,

12th Sunday Broken Hill, Pt Lincoln Far West, Pt Augusta, SAGC, Wilkawatt Mid North

17th Friday Elsewhere,

18th Saturday Elsewhere, Kingston,

19th Sunday Elsewhere Ungarra Monarto-A International

25th Saturday Mallala

26th Sunday Bordertown, SAGC, Whyalla SYP Southern


2nd Saturday Kingston Monarto-A International

3rd Sunday Barmera, Lake Albert, Mid North, Pt Lincoln, Pt Pirie International

9th Saturday Broken Hill,

10th Sunday Broken Hill, Far West, Wilkawatt International

17th Sunday Monarto-A, , SYP, Pt Augusta, Mallala

24th Sunday Bordertown, Elsewhere, , SAGC,

29th Friday International

31st Sunday Whyalla Southern Lower North


7th Sunday Pt Lincoln, Lake Albert, Mid North, Barmera

8th Monday Mallala

13th Saturday Mt Gambier

14th Sunday Broken Hill, Far West, Pt Pirie SAGC, Pt Augusta, Wilkawatt

20th Saturday Kingston

21st Sunday SYP Monarto-A International Barmera

27th Saturday Elsewhere

28th Sunday Whyalla, Bordertown Southern SAGC Lower North


5th Sunday Barmera, Lake Albert, , Pt Lincoln, Pt Pirie Mid North,

11th Saturday Broken Hill, Mt Gambier

12th Sunday Broken Hill, Elsewhere, Far West, SAGC, Wilkawatt Mallala

18th Saturday Kingston

19th Sunday Ungarra International, Monarto-A, Port Augusta, SYP

25th Saturday Whyalla

26th Sunday Whyalla Bordertown, Lower North, SAGC,  Southern


2nd Sunday Broken Hill, Lake Albert, Pt Lincoln, Pt Pirie Mid North, Barmera

8th Saturday Mt Gambier

9th Sunday Far West, SAGC, Wilkawatt Monarto-A Lower North

15th Saturday Kingston,

16th Sunday Mallala, Kingston, Pt Augusta, Ungarra

22nd Saturday SAGC, Mt Gambier,

23rd Sunday SAGC, Bordertown, Elsewhere,

29th Saturday WZ Carnival (Whyalla) Mallala, SYP

30th Sunday WZ Carnival (Whyalla) Southern International


5th Saturday Mid North, Pt Lincoln , Mt Gambier

6th Sunday Pt Lincoln Barmera, International, Lake Albert, Pt Pirie

12th Saturday EZ Carnival (Wilkawatt), Broken Hill,

13th Sunday Wilkawatt, Broken Hill, Far West, SAGC,  Southern Mallala

19th Saturday Elsewhere, Kingston, Monarto-A

20th Sunday Lower North, Pt Augusta, Ungarra

25th Friday International

26th Saturday SYP

27th Sunday CZ Carnival (SAGC)  Bordertown, Whyalla,



3rd Saturday Lake Albert, Ungarra Mid North

4th Sunday Barmera, Lake Albert, Ungarra

5th Monday Mallala

7th XV Australian Masters Games

8th XV Australian Masters Games

9th XV Australian Masters Games

10th Saturday Mt Gambier

11th Sunday Pt Pirie, Far West,  SAGC, Wilkawatt

17th Saturday International, Broken Hill,  Kingston

18th Sunday International, Pt Lincoln

24th Saturday Bordertown, Mallala, Pt Augusta

25th Sunday Bordertown, Lower North, Monarto-A, SAGC, SYP, Whyalla

30th Friday   State ISSF Carnival

31st Saturday State ISSF Carnival,   Kingston Southern



1st Sunday  State ISSF Carnival, Barmera, Lake Albert, Mid North, Pt Lincoln, Pt Pirie

7th Saturday   Broken Hill, Elsewhere

8th Sunday   Far West, Mallala, SAGC, Wilkawatt

13th Friday Pt Augusta

14th Saturday Pt Augusta, Kingston, Monarto-A,

15th Sunday Pt Augusta, SYP Monarto-A International

22nd Sunday   Lower North ,Elsewhere, Bordertown, SAGC, Barmera

29th Sunday Southern, Whyalla



5th Saturday        Mid North

6th Sunday          Pt Lincoln Barmera, International, Lake Albert, Mallala, Pt Pirie

12th Saturday    Broken Hill, Mt Gambier

13th Sunday        Far West, Monarto-A, Pt Augusta, SAGC, Wilkawatt

18th Friday         International

19th Saturday      Kingston

20th Sunday       Lower North Southern

27th Sunday       Elsewhere

2nd Saturday   Lake Albert
3rd Sunday      Barmera, Lake Albert, Mallala, Pt Lincoln,
9th Saturday    Broken Hill, Mt Gambier
10th Sunday    Far West, Mt Gambier, Pt Pirie, SAGC
16th Saturday  Kingston
17th Sunday    Kingston, Monarto-A, Pt Augusta, Whyalla
23rd Saturday  Pt Lincoln
24th Sunday    Bordertown, Mt Gambier, Pt Lincoln, SAGC
26th Tuesday   Mallala
30th Saturday  Mid North, Barmera, Elsewhere
31st Sunday    Southern, Lower North, International


5th Friday        State DTL Carnival
6th Saturday    State DTL Carnival
7th Sunday      State DTL Carnival
13th Saturday   Broken Hill, Mt Gambier
14th Sunday     Mallala, Lake Albert, Pt Lincoln, SAGC, Mid North, Far West, Pt Pirie
20th Saturday   Kingston, Pt Augusta
21st Sunday     SYP, Monarto-A, International, Wilkawatt, Ungarra
27th Saturday   Elsewhere
28th Sunday     Southern, SAGC, Mt Gambier, Bordertown, Whyalla

5th Saturday      Mid North, Mt Gambier, Lake Albert, Broken Hill,
6th Sunday        Lower North, International, Barmera, Lake Albert, Pt Lincoln, Pt Pirie
11th Friday        Far West
12th Saturday  State Skeet Carnival, SYP, Far West
13th Sunday    State Skeet Carnival, Mallala, Wilkawatt, Far West
14th Monday   State Skeet Carnival
13th Sunday     Pt Augusta, SAGC
18st Friday       Monarto-A, Elsewhere,
19nd Saturday  Monarto-A, Kingston, Elsewhere,
20th Sunday    Monarto-A, , Ungarra, Elsewhere
26th Saturday  Barmera, Mt Gambier
27th Sunday    Barmera, Whyalla, Southern, Bordertown
28th Monday   Mallala
2nd Saturday    Kingston
3rd Sunday      Lake Albert, Pt Lincoln, Pt Pirie
9th Saturday    Mallala, Mt Gambier,
10th Sunday    Far West, SAGC, Wilkawatt
16th Saturday South Australian Masters Games, Kingston, Broken Hill, Elsewhere
17th Sunday   Monarto-A, International, Pt Augusta, Ungarra
20th Wednesday International
24th Sunday  SYP, Mid North, SAGC, Lower North, Bordertown, Whyalla
25th Monday  Mallala
30th Saturday Lake Albert, Southern

1st Sunday     Barmera, Lake Albert, Mid North, Pt Lincoln, Pt Pirie
6th Friday       International
7th Saturday   Monarto-A, Kingston
8th Sunday     Wilkawatt, Far West
14th Saturday Mallala, Mt Gambier, Broken Hill
15th Sunday   Monarto-A, Broken Hill, Pt Augusta
22nd Sunday  SYP, Mallala, SAGC, Bordertown, Elsewhere
29th Sunday  Southern, Lower North, International, Whyalla

4th Saturday State Sporting Clays Carnival
5th Sunday     Mid North, International, Barmera, Lake Albert, Pt Lincoln, Pt Pirie
11th Saturday   Mt Gambier
12th Sunday     Far West, SAGC, Wilkawatt, Broken Hill
13th Monday    Mallala
18th Saturday   Kingston
19th Sunday    Monarto-A, Pt Augusta, SYP, Lower North, Pt Lincoln
25th Saturday  Elsewhere,
26th Sunday    Southern, SAGC, International, Bordertown, Whyalla

2nd Saturday    Kingston, Lake Albert
3rd Sunday       Barmera, Lake Albert, Pt Lincoln, Mid North, International, Pt Pirie
9th Saturday     Broken Hill, Mt Gambier
10th Sunday     Broken Hill, Far West, SAGC, Wilkawatt, Elsewhere
16th Saturday   Kingston
17th Sunday     Monarto-A, Mallala, Pt Augusta, Ungarra
24th Sunday     SYP, SAGC, Bordertown
30th Saturday   Whyalla
31st Sunday     Southern, Lower North, International, Whyalla

5th Friday        International
6th Saturday    Broken Hill
7th Sunday      Mid North, Barmera, Lake Albert, Pt Lincoln, Pt Pirie
13th Saturday  Mallala, Mt Gambier, Far West
14th Sunday    Mallala, Wilkawatt, Far West
20th Saturday  Kingston
21st Sunday    Kingston, SYP, Ungarra
20th Saturday  Elsewhere
21st Sunday    Southern, Monarto-A, International, Pt Augusta
27th Saturday  SAGC, Mt Gambier
28th Sunday    Bordertown, SAGC, Whyalla

3rd Saturday     Mid North, Kingston, Lake Albert, Pt Lincoln
4th Sunday       Barmera, Lake Albert, Pt Pirie, Lower North, Pt Lincoln
7th Wednesday International
10th Saturday   Mt Gambier, Wilkawatt, Broken Hill
11th Sunday     SAGC, Mallala, Wilkawatt, Broken Hill, Far West
17th Saturday   Elsewhere, Kingston, Monarto-A, Kingston
18th Sunday     International, Pt Augusta, Ungarra
24th Saturday   SYP
25th Sunday     Southern, Lower North, Bordertown, Whyalla

1st Saturday       Lake Albert, Ungarra, Mid North
2nd Sunday        Barmera, Lake Albert, Ungarra
3rd Monday        Mallala
8th Saturday      Mt Gambier
9th Sunday        Far West, Pt Pirie, SAGC, Monarto-A, Wilkawatt
15th Saturday    Broken Hill, International, Kingston 
16th Sunday      International, Pt Lincoln
22nd Saturday   Bordertown, Pt Augusta
23rd Sunday     Bordertown, SAGC, SYP, Southern, Whyalla
28th Friday State ISSF Carnival
29th Saturday State ISSF Carnival, Mallala
30th Sunday State ISSF Carnival, Lower North, Barmera

5th Saturday      International, Lake Albert, Elsewhere
6th Sunday        International, Lake Albert, Pt Lincoln, Pt Pirie
12th Saturday    Mt Gambier, Broken Hill
13th Sunday      Mt Gambier, Far West, SAGC, Mid North, Wilkawatt, Lower North
18th Friday        Pt Augusta
19th Saturday    Junior Championships, Monarto-A, Kingston, Pt Augusta
20th Sunday      Monarto-A, Pt Augusta, SYP, Mallala, International
26th Saturday    Elsewhere
27th Sunday      Southern, Bordertown, Whyalla

3rd Saturday     Mid North
4th Sunday       Barmera, International, Lake Albert, Mallala, Pt Lincoln, Pt Pirie
10th Saturday   Mt Gambier, Broken Hill
11th Sunday     Southern, SAGC, Wilkawatt, Far West
17th Saturday   Kingston
18th Sunday     Monarto-A, Lower North, International Pt Augusta
23rd Friday       Elsewhere